Norwell MA Local Resources

I’ve created this local resource page for my real estate clients, customers, friends and neighbors who may be in need of a specific tradesperson, service professional or other related to buying, selling, owning and maintaining a home here on the South Shore. If you have a specific need and don’t see a resource listed here, please feel free to call me, George Jamieson, REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Realty at 617-877-4839 or email me at and I will try to assist you.

Air Quality Testing

Air Sciences, Daryl Gould, 508-459-8797

Appliance Service

Paul’s Appliance Service, Rick Howland, 781-293-4503

Precision Appliance, Warren Naujalus, 781-706-7121

1st Call Appliance, 800-429-2069

Northeast Appliance Pros, 781-618-1966

Appraisers, Residential Homes

Churchey Appraisals, 508-224-9476

RSD Realty Advisors, Rosemary Sheehan Durica, 781-659-6888


T.M. Sullivan Construction, Tom Sullivan, 781-659-1269

Axiom Architects, James Kelliher, 781-871-2101

Rockwood Design, Inc., Dick Rockwood, 781-789-6310

Architectural Innovations, Doreene Close, 781-544-3467

Ulwick Affiliates, Douglas Paul Ulwick, 781-871-5084

Strekalovsky Architecture, Vcevy Strekalovsky,  781-749-4160

Habeeb & Associates Architects, Inc. Steven Habeeb, 781-871-9804

Asbestos Removal

New England Surface Removal, Jim Doyle & Ken Furtney, 781-337-2117

Clean Air Environmental, Inc. 617-970-2572

Paul Walsh, 781-762-3390

Nealco Too, Inc. 781-794-1432


Fitzgerald Law Offices, Scott J. Fitzgerald, Esq., 781-924-5326

Carolyn Hart, Esq., 781-749-6707

Sullivan & Sullivan, P.C., Walter B. Sullivan, Jr. 781-871-6500

Pithie & Associates, P.C., Jason Pithie, Esq., 781-682-9010

Carpentry, Building, Remodeling & Home Contractors

Kevin McKenna, 781-659-9790

Brian Naymie, 781-831-7237

Chris Logan, 617-905-7953

Sean Ford Custom Building and Remodeling, Inc., 781-659-2210

Bill Pye, 781-718-6274

Mike Cowden, 781-771-5514

RJM Construction, Rob Malinowski, 781-883-4946

T.M. Sullivan Construction, Tom Sullivan, 781-659-1269

Jeff Fitzgerald, 781-659-4400,

Carpet Cleaning

Kennedy Carpets, Sales & Restoration, Jay Kennedy, 781-335-8000

Moulton Cleaning Company, Victor Moulton, 781-871-4773

Duraclean Carpet & Upholstery, Mark Leone, 781-837-3899

South Shore Chem-Dry, Dave & Karen Swart, 508-747-1162

Chimney Sweepers

E.F. Anthony Masonry, Eric, 781-659-7970

Soot Busters, Douglas Litchfield, 781-545-6621,

Cornerstone Chimney, 781-337-3880


Dirty Deeds, Janet LaBerge 781-308-4447

Bay State Clean-Ups, Eric Neville, 508-259-8577

Rescue Cleanout Services, 781-829-4377

Concierge Service

Errands Get Done, Julie Ingargiola 617-605-3877, Family & Baby Concierge

Driveway Paving

Cacciatore, Inc., John Cacciatore, 508-690-2490

Pilgrim Paving, 781-982-9898

Plymouth County Paving, 781-294-1624

McDonough Paving, 781-545-4460

Dumpster/Waste Removal

Graham Waste, 781-383-3383

Troupe Waste Services, 781-340-0030

Thompson Waste Removal, 866-447-3897


Lunn Electric, Inc., John Lunn, 781-659-2905

Lievi Electric, Mike Lievi, 781-710-1098

Charles Perfetuo Company, Inc., 781-659-7826

Collum Electric, Dennis Collum, 508-588-6102

Sousa Electric Co., Thom Sousa, 781-561-5805

Environmental Testing & Remediation

Green Environmental, 617-479-0550


Hawkeye Fence, George Millett, 508-559-9090

Armstrong Fence, David Armstrong, 800-837-2181

Chipman Family Fence, Wendell Chipman, 339-793-3380

Garage Doors

Mortland Overhead Doors, 781-878-9466

Shea Custom Doors & Metal Fabrication, Michael Shea, 617-827-2638

Gutter Installation

Cheverie Seamless Gutters, Rich Cheverie, 781-844-7216

Sutherland Seamless Gutters, Craig Sutherland, 339-499-8594

Donohue Seamless Gutters, 781-545-2649


Eric Nelson, 781-659-4780

HLT Property Maintenance, Skip Tufts, 339-793-0461

Chris Scheer. 781-659-4221

Wayne Carlson Enterprises, 781-341-3208

Hard Wood Floors

Dan’s Custom Hardwood Flooring, 781-312-2301

Ken Nguyen, Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing, 781-589-6344

Heating & Air Conditioning

McClaren Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., Artie McClaren, 508-559-6744

Healthy Air Solutions, Inc., Dan Durgin, 781-659-4062

Sigma Mechanical, David Tucker, 781-837-9994

Williams Coal & Oil, 781-837-9951

Frank Lamperelli Oil, 781-828-2477

Anderson Fuel, 781-545-0123,

Home Generators

New England Generator Corp, 781-837-8303

Lunn Electric, John Lunn, 781-659-2905

Home Inspectors

F.J. Storch Company, Judd Schollin, 1-800-222-9281

Imperial Inspection Services, Inc., 800-440-1141

Done Rite Home Inspections, Fred Butts, 781-337-9064

Accurate Home Inspection, Robert Schallmo, 781-599-1700

Home Insurance

Andrew G. Gordon Insurance, Geoff Gordon  781-659-2262

Atlantic Advisors Insurance, Jeff Helm, 781-659-4040

Home Security

Atlas Alarm Corp., 800-696-6900

Flight Alarm Co. John Flight, 781-294-0006

Tyco Fire & Security, Bob Short, 781-278-1195

House Cleaning

Natali Eaton, 781-659-2879

MC Cleaning, Marcello & Celia, 781-901-1090

Personal Touch, Iara Tosti, 781-789-8969

Vanessa Salvador, 781-927-8414

Kenya Oliviera and Carmen, 781-602-0169

Home Organizing

Symmetry Organizing Services, Marjorie Mahoney 617-721-7179

Interior Design

Stetson Interiors, Wendy Callahan Designs, 781-248-2621

Beverly Rivkind Interior Design, w. 781-826-4704 c. 617-285-1890,

Designers Farmhouse Fresh Interiors, Becky Carbone, 617-290-3377

Katie Alabiso, 781-789-3219

Kitchen & Bath

Stella Kitchens, Bill Stella, 781-659-2100

Dennis Kitchens & Cabinetry, Inc., Sarah Dennis, 781-659-6677

Transitions Kitchens & Baths, Craig Ricciarelli, 781-871-0881

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center, Cameron Snyder & Mercedes Aza, 781-616-6400


Jack’s Lawn Care, 508-951-1302

Thornton Landscaping, Matt Thornton, 781-659-9333

Arturo’s Lawn Care & Mowing Service, Arturo Ortiz, 781-545-8076

Derek’s Landscaping, LLC, Derek Stack, 781-706-4281

Land Surveyor & Civil Engineers

Morse Engineering Company, Inc., 781-545-0895

Merrill Associates, 781-826-9200

Grady Consulting, LLC, 781-585-2300

Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler Service

Fairview Lawn Sprinkler, 781-659-4540,

Lawnmower Repair

Fred’s Duxbury Fix-It Shop, 781-585-2175

J&A Services, John Voutselas, 774-283-3501


Garcia Masonry & Restoration, Joe Garcia, 781-383-8044

Mold Inspection & Remediation

Indoor Environmental, Jon Mitton, 781-626-1992

Air Sciences, Daryl Gould, 508-459-8797

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Master, Mario Vivado, 781-826-4422

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., Cheryl Smith, 617-921-3288

Mosquito & Tick Spraying

Atlantis Pest, 781-837-4032

Don’t Bug Me Mosquito Control (& Ticks) Ted Aveni, Jr. 1-800-213-4664

Mosquito Ranger by Natural Lawn of America, 781-294-7676


Gallo Moving & Storage, Bill Bailot, 866-697-4400

Gentle Giant, 617-806-1094

Oil Delivery & Service

Supreme Energy, 781-331-7900

Williams Coal & Oil, 781-837-9951

Frank Lamperelli Oil, 781-828-2477

Anderson Fuel, 781-545-0123,


Kelly Painting, Sean Kelly, 617-519-9085

Horton Painting, David Horton, 781-829-0123

Norman Gartley, 781-871-6814

Murphco, Jay Murphy, 781-910-8434

Pest Management

Atlantis Pest Management, Inc., Michael Twomey, 781-837-4032

Eco Systems Pest Control, 781-826-4973

Burgess Pest Management, 800-698-2847

Step One Pest Services, 781-416-6223

Pet Sitting, Walking, Daycare & Boarding

The Dog Companion, Kathy, 781-264-7121 (in-home pet sitting)

A Fox & Hounds Pet Care, 781-871-AFOX (2369)!daycare–boarding/c1u9n


Tom Malames Photography, 781-659-8131

Tracy Sheehan Photography, 781-585-7363

Piano Tuner

Denise Rachel, 781-659-2001


Mark McGillicuddy, 617-909-0944

RJ Tierney Plumbing, Bob Tierney, 781-659-1244

Howie, Cohasset Plumbing, cell 617-947-2767 work 781-383-2767

Harry Laque Plumbing & Heating, 781-878-3747

Mike Cashman, 617-347-2438

AFM Plumbing, Andy, 781-659-7472

Rob Sullivan, 781-630-2224

Power Washing & Gutter Cleaning

Shawn Callahan 781-982-8591


Pilgrim Propane, Ed Geswell, 781-878-5518

Hometown Propane, Dennis Blackwell, 866-427-1075

Radon Mitigation

S.W.A.T. Environmental, Adam Neale, 978-261-5401

REALTOR, Real Estate Services, Home Valuation

George Jamieson, REALTOR, Coldwell Banker Realty, 617-877-4839

Replacement Windows

North Star Bailey Company, Steve Gerrish, 781-826-4205


Peter Hickman Roofing, 781-659-1806

John Bean Roofing, 781-878-3100

Blake Adams Roofing, 781-261-6524

Septic Service & Sanitary Pumping

All-Town, Inc., 800-889-PUMP

Rosano-Davis Septic Service, 781-383-8888

Septic Inspections (Title V)

Rosano Davis Septic Service 781-383-8888

Grady Consulting, LLC, 781-585-2300

Steve Adams, Licensed Inspector, 781-733-6564

Septic System Engineers/Designers (Title V)

Grady Consulting, LLC, 781-585-2300

Morse Engineering Company, Inc., 781-545-0895


Coastal Exteriors, David Potts, 781-727-9692

Snow Plowing

Matt Thornton, Thornton Landscaping 781-659-9333

Chris Logan, 617-905-7953

Northern Lights Landscaping, 781-982-8873

Scott Gilmartin, Gilmartin Landscaping, 781-659-4876

Richard H Cheverie, Cheverie Seamless Gutters,  781-844-7216

Staging Your Home

Katie Alabiso 781-789-3219

Structural Engineer

Walter A. McKinnon & Associates, 781-331-5898

Sump Pumps/Basement Water Proofing/Indoor French Drains

Pioneer Basement, 800-649-6140

B-Dry System M/E, Inc., Jack McGrath, 978-262-1405

Busy Dog Basement Technologies, 1-800-BUSYDOG

Tile, Granite & Marble

Snug Harbor Tile, 781-982-8285

Bellew Tile & Granite, 781-982-3030

Stone Design Marble & Granite, Inc., Christopher Byrne, 781-331-3000

Hub Stoneworks, 781-878-1112

Seaside Mosaics, Steve Pelletier, 617-694-4892

Tree & Stump Removal

Top Notch Tree, Mike Reddish, 781-826-7222

Hansen Landscape & Tree, 781-826-6836

Elliot Tree & Landscaping, 781-447-0045

Newcomb Tree Service, 508-866-7751

Chris Glynn’s Tree Experts, 781-878-2304

Upholstery, Window Treatments, Home Decor

LJC Style, Lisa Connelly, 781-982-4351

Kathy Flynn Weiler Window Treatments 781-710-4282

Window Cleaning

Fish Window Cleaning, David Dibiase, 781-569-4962

Clearview Window Cleaning, 508-930-7855

Reliant Cleaning, Dan Tougas, 508-222-4768

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