The North River in Norwell MA

One of many reasons people love the South Shore is its beautiful coastline, harbors, inlets and rivers. The North River in Norwell MA is one of those waterway gems that leads to and from the Atlantic Ocean stretching from Scituate and Marshfield through Norwell, Hanover and Pembroke.

Recreation along the North River

great north river raceThe North River in Norwell MA is a wonderful place to boat, kayak and fish. At the height of summer, you’ll find boaters, kayakers and paddle boarders taking advantage of the warming tides and sun filled skies. Fishing is a another popular recreation along the banks of the North River with some well known hot fishing spots where you catch some excellent keepers. Kids and even some adults are also known to jump the bridge that crosses the river along Bridge Street in Norwell and Union Street in Marshfield.

Nature and beauty abound

norris reservationIf you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a harbor seal basking on the banks of the river or swimming by with the tide. Sunrises and sunsets on the river are definitely something you should put on your to-do list. Bird watching is also a favorite from the banks of the river as you may spot the American Bald Eagle flying above looking for it’s next meal.¬†Another way to see the river from land is to find a nice viewing place such as the Bridge Street landing, the Norris Reservation, and Chittenden Landing.

Year round views

North RiverIf you want the North River beauty all year long, you might want to purchase a riverfront home along the banks of the river. There are usually some beautiful homes for sale along the river at any given time during the year. Some of these homes offer docks and or easy access to the river for kayaks and canoes. If interested in searching for available riverfront homes in Norwell, you can click here or alternatively contact local Norwell Realtor George Jamieson of Coldwell Banker Realty at 617-877-4839.

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